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Whether it’s Kathmandu, Timbuktu or Working Cross-Culturally in the UK:
Taking Care of Yourself is an essential element for Humanitarian Aid workers.


Bustling Kathmandu Vegetable Market

I have 30 years experience helping those who work in the Humanitarian Aid and Development sector become and stay well balanced and effective. My own experience of being a dual citizen, studying in Germany and Austria, living and working in Asia and the UK keeps me interested in this area.

I do psychological assessments on candidates going to foreign assignments, give debriefings and counselling after field work and traumatic incidents, and have taught a New Directions course for returning Humanitarian Aid Workers (see www.penhurst.org.uk for upcoming events).


Timbuktu Mosque

I am a member of HAP (Humanitarian Assistance Programme) of EMDR UK & Ireland. HAP provides training in EMDR to local mental health professionals working with people in traumatized communities worldwide such as Bosnia, India, Pakistan, Palestine and Indonesia.  EMDR trainers and consultants offer their services voluntarily with the goal of alleviating suffering caused through conflict and natural disasters.  To find out more and support HAP by becoming a member: www.hapuk.org




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